#10828 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin


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Questions Covered: 01:23 – I’ve heard an argument from Protestants that Mary did have original sin because it was transferred through the male parent. This would solve the issue of Jesus being associated with sin. How do I respond? 06:19 -Where do near death experiences fall into the Church’s understanding of the afterlife? 13:49 – What empire treated the Israelites best in the Old Testament? 17:55 – How do I reconcile the violence in the Old Testament compared to what Jesus taught in the New Testament? 28:58 – Does the prophecy in Daniel 7 prove that the Catholic Church is going to mislead the world? 36:30 – How do you respond to someone who claims that scripture supports or condones slavery? 44:04 – Could a non-Christians receive absolution in a case of emergency? 49:55 – Where did the people that died before the coming of Jesus go? 52:13 – I’m interested in going to a bible school. Are there any Catholic bible schools or should I pursue a Christian bible school? 53:46 – Are Anglican prayer beads and prayer ropes permissible to be prayed as a Catholic? What are your general thoughts on them? …

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