#10820 Live from the Catholic Answers Conference - Bishop Thomas John Paprocki


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Questions Covered: 08:31 – When did the Early church start doing the sign of the cross and why do Eastern Christians do it backwards? 13:01 – How much participation can a Catholic have in civil unions? 15:02 – Do we portray the pope as more than the Vicar of Christ by calling him holy father? 16:46 – How do you explain to someone the purpose of Canon law? 19:53 – What is necessary to receive communion? 29:20 – I heard at the conference that it is not God who enters into us but we who enter into God . Can you help me understand this better 32:15 – The Church didn’t allow cremation for the longest time but allowed saint relics to be separated. Are these t2 circumstances different? 37:03 – How grave sin is it when a divorced and remarried catholic continues to receive communion? 45:27 – Since Covid, we now only receive the host and not from the chalice. Does it change anything now that we can only receive the host? 47:24 – What would be your guidance and advice to help a young boy to become a man? 51:25 – What are your thoughts on bringing communion rails back? …

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