#10814 Open Forum - Jim Blackburn


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Questions Covered: 06:29 – What happens after we die? What’s the Church’s teaching on a new earth? 13:40 – Does the SSPX have authority to bless items such as miraculous medals? 18:11 – Why don’t all Catholic churches have the tabernacle at the center of the sanctuary, or in the sanctuary at all? 23:45 – Is not being in the state of mortal sin the only qualification to go to heaven? What’s necessary for something to be considered a mortal sin? 35:45 – Why were only men circumcised in Old Testament times? What rite was there for women to be initiated into the chosen people? 43:24 – Will unbaptized babies who are in limbo be allowed into heaven after the resurrection? 48:00 – How did the words get written in scripture in the cases where Jesus was alone, and nothing was said 51:16 – Jn 14:12 How can Jesus be present in the Eucharist if he sent the Holy Spirit after he left? Would he have to be no longer around? …

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