925 English Lesson 40 – Expressing Support in English


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925 English Lesson 40 - Expressing Support in English

In today’s 925 English lesson, we’re going to learn how to express support for an idea in English.

In business, it’s very important to be able to express your ideas confidently. That doesn’t just mean coming up with new ideas. It can also mean expressing what you think about other people’s ideas. In our last lesson, we learned how to express doubt. Today, we’re going to look at the other side, and talk about how to express support for an idea.

Now, sometimes you want to show moderate support, or just a bit of support. In this situation, you can use expressions like “I guess” or “I suppose” before stating your support. And when you state your support, you might use expressions like “I can see your point” or “That’s a good way to look at it.”

925 English is a series of English video lessons for beginners (CEFR level A2). With 925 English you can learn business English expressions and vocabulary for business and work.

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