Sharpshooter Podcast 6.7.16 feat. Jake Roberts pt. 1: Rollins' Comments On Bret, Brock At UFC 200, More


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The Sharpshooter Podcast 6.7.16 Host: WWE Hall of Famer Bret "Hitman" Hart Co-hosts: Blade Hart & Nick Hausman Guest: Jake "The Snake" Roberts

This week's "Sharpshooting w/ Bret Hart" segment features discussion about:

  • Seth Rollins' recent comments on Chris Jericho's podcast about what Bret said to Sports Illustrated about him being reckless in the ring when he broke John Cena's nose
  • The responsibilty that comes with being WWE World Heavyweight Champion
  • Whether today's in-ring product lends itself to more people getting injured
  • The big announcement that Brock Lesnar will be competing against Mark Hunt at UFC 200
  • More...

In the second half of the show Bret welcomes fellow WWE Hall of Famer Jake "The Snake" Roberts on to discuss:

  • How making The Resurrection of Jake "The Snake" Roberts has changed his life
  • The reservations he had about making the movie
  • Being inspired by DDP
  • Whether it was hard for Bret to watch the movie
  • The potential that the movie could start being shown in schools for kids to learn from
  • Jake's experiences being in bars recently performing his one-man show
  • How much it meant to Jake & Bret to be inducted in to the WWE Hall of Fame
  • Bret's respect for Jake's abilities in the ring
  • Where Jake think he had his best matches and when he thinks he was in his prime
  • More...

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