BBPH Ep. 403 - I Just Wanted To Smell What He’s Cooking!


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This week the boys have plenty of wrestling talk with FTR winning the AAA Tag Team Championship, Luna Vachon’s Dark Side Of The Ring episode, Roman Reigns trashing on CM Punk in an interview, and Smackdown going head-to-head with Rampage. We also have some movie talk with The Batman Trailer, Black Adam Teaser Trailer, Injustice Animated Movie, and Ryan Reynolds taking an acting sabbatical. We've got some toy talk with NECA Frankenraph and TMNT x Universal Monsters. Then we round it out with more PHPW Ghosts, Goblins, & Grappleholds '21 announcements, and it's the first round of our 90's Trends tournament as we see JNCO jeans vs Gigapets!

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