BBPH Ep. 398 - Breaker's Baby Brother


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This week the boys have a ton of wrestling talk with Big E WWE Champ, Bron Breakker making his NXT debut, Dark Side Of The Ring Season 3 part 2 and The Plane Ride From Hell, Johnny Gargano & Sami Zayn's contracts coming up, AEW Dark tapings at Universal Studios and more! We've also got some movie/TV talk with Heels' first three episodes streaming for free on Youtube. We've got some toy talk with Funko's Deceased line. Then we round it out with more Falltality announcements and another semi-final round in our journey to crown the most cringeworthy moment in WCW history as we see Judy Bagwell on a Forklift taking on Jay Leno in WCW.

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