E14: Nina DeGramont (The Christie Affair) Is On The Radar!


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E14: Nina DeGramont is on the radar with her riveting novel The Christie Affair!!Join us as we explore a terrific take on the real-life eleven day disappearance of beloved mystery writer Agatha Christie … told from the perspective of the other woman. Is there ever an excuse for betrayal? Does justifiable husband-stealing exist? Do we all long to flip the script in our own lives? What happens when you’re on the slippery slope of wrongdoing? What if you’re a hurting person - can you freely love another? We explore class differences in the 1920s when it comes to women. We also talk about the “age of disappearing women” and how things have changed - or not. (What a deep take on shame, justice, and rights!) And what exactly happened to Agatha Christie between the time she disappeared from her home in England and reappeared at a Yorkshire spa? Inquiring minds want to know! Join us!

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