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Best buds Paul Dobleman (Blackheart Tattoo, SF) and Austin Maples (Enjoy Tattoos, LA) sit in for the show and talk about the state of California tattooing amidst the lockdown, how they've curated focused clientele, and each reveal a deep dark secret. This is a fun one!


(00:01) Intro

(00:38) Do you know Fred Durst?

(02:02) California tattooing shutdown

(07:08) Austin’s new shop

(09:02) Forced break helped to reprioritize

(19:09) Moving out of California?

(22:13) Why are so many people getting tattooed right now?

(25:46) Side projects

(33:07) Curating a focused clientele

(44:35) How do you keep common imagery fresh?

(48:46) Why Austin is selective about what he tattoos

(58:05) Specializing in a style

(01:02:14) “Favorite” crimes committed in the past

(01:03:24) How Paul injured his ribs to save his favorite Adidas slides

(01:07:35) Deep Dark Secrets

(01:13:46) Who are the great “best bud” tattoo duos?

(01:15:40) Outro

(01:16:46) Credits

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