Episode 36-English version- Dr Nikos Mattheos and Professor Bjarni Pjetursen


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Please enjoy and learn from listening to these worldrenowned clinicians and researchers:

Nikos Mattheos Periodontologist, Clinical Associate Professor of Implant Dentistry and Associate Dean of Postgraduate Education at The University of Hong Kong
  • Periodontist with prosthodontic training
  • Implantologist?
  • The importance of planning
  • Implant research
  • Implant dentistry On line education together with Dr Martin Janda. www.Mattheos.net
  • PROM-patient related outcome measures
  • Patient and dentist satisfaction
  • Under-promise and over-deliver

Bjarni Pjetursen- Prosthodontist, Professor at the University of Geneva, Head of Department of Reconstructive Dentistry and the Odontological faculty at the University of Iceland.

  • Ikon In prosthodontic research
  • Performing evidence based treatment planning
  • What does the patient want? “What brings you to my office today?”
  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Internal vs external connections
  • Cemented or screwretained reconstructions
  • Full ceramic resinbonded bridges

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