The C.O.W.S. Compensatory Call-In 01/01/22


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Saturday, January 1st 9:00PM Eastern/ 6:00PM Pacific The Context of White Supremacy hosts the weekly Compensatory Call-In. We encourage non-white listeners to dial in with their codified concepts, new terms, observations, research findings, workplace problems or triumphs, and/or suggestions on how best to Replace White Supremacy With Justice ASAP. We’ll use these sessions to hone our use of words as tools to reveal truth, neutralize White people. We’ll examine news reports from the past seven days and – hopefully – promote a constructive dialog. #ANTIBLACKNESS 2021 was a miserable and unpleasant experience from January to December. The unruly, violent, and challenging year concluded with a number of prominent deaths including: former Speaker of the House Harry Reid, former football coach and video game icon John Madden, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Practically no one mentioned Mr. Reid's comments about President Obama being well spoken and not too dark. Gus suspects high percentage of black males born in the last fifty years are most familiar with and mourning the loss of Coach Madden, who's eponymous video series looted millions of hours from black boys born in the states. Whites engaged in a lot of the typical tackiness with the passing of Mr. Tutu - emphasizing his focus on non-violence while discussing his years of work against the System of Apartheid/White Supremacy. The omicron varient of Covid-19 continues to disrupt, Gus and folks in the pacific northwest have been body slammed by a week of sub freezing temperature and snow, but it wasn't all bad news. Ghislaine Maxwell, former sexual partner of sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein, was convicted on 5 counts of child sex trafficking. She'll be sentenced in the new year. #WhiteSupremacyIsTerrorism INVEST in The COWS – Invest in The C.O.W.S. -$TheCOWS CALL IN NUMBER: 720.716.7300 CODE 564943# The C.O.W.S. Radio Program is specifically engineered for black & non-white listeners - Victims of White Supremacy. The purpose of this program is to provide Victims of White Supremacy with constructive information and suggestions on how to counter Racist Woman & Racist Man. Phone: 1-605-313-5164 - Access Code 564943# Hit star *6 & 1 to enter caller cue

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