Emeka Onwubiko


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Emeka Onwubiko was the first Nigerian-born footballer to play for the Republic of Ireland and wear the Irish jersey. Today, Emeka is a UEFA Certified Coach coaching inspiring young football players.

On the weekend of May 1st, 2021 a number of football organisations in England are going silent on social media to highlight increasing levels of racist abuse on social media platforms.

"When you play without shoes is basically like, not having a lot as a child. For example, you know, most successful people never really had a lot as kids, so that inspired and motivated them to do a lot more. It's how you turn those situations of not having a lot into having the surplus. I mean, that motivates you to do a lot. That example, like having no shoes, and you have a feeling of knowing what having no shoes is like. So, when you do have shoes, you're like more grateful and more appreciative of having that."

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