Alison Bean: Snow White 2 (1981)


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Welcome to Ben Baker's Christmas Box, a trandem toddle through television's present past. In each short episode I talk to a guest about a programme that represents the British Christmas period to them and despite mentioning that, my guest today is actually from A Country That Isn't Here. Alison Bean tells me about the differences between a British and Australian Christmas, the bafflement of pantomime and her love for Bill Oddie, Tim Brooke-Taylor and Graeme Garden aka The Goodies. They did a handful of iconic Christmas specials but less remembered is "Snow White 2" their 1981 debut for LWT after a decade at the Beeb. We discuss if the reputation that series has as being inferior is justified, what a Goodies panto might have been like and much more. Get your xylophones at the ready!

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