Avengers 3 - Bedtime Story


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The Avengers await! Read by CAPTAIN EJ 😊
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Welcome to Bedtime Stories with Superheros!! These stories are about adventures with ALL of my superhero friends! Read by my superhero friend….CAPTAIN EJ! I hope you enjoy! 😊💖
- Love, Mrs. Honeybee
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🦸‍♂️ Who is CAPTAIN EJ?
🦸‍♂️ CAPTAIN EJ is a superhero living undercover as Mrs. Honeybee’s next-door neighbor!
🦸‍♂️ CAPTAIN EJ has the powers of a BOOOOOOMING voice and a generous heart! He is very kind, protective, and adventurous! CAPTAIN EJ protects The Honeybee Neighborhood and the city of Philadelphia.
He is here for now, but if he gets the call, he may need to disappear at a moment's notice to save the city! CAPTAIN EJ’s superpower is his BOOOMING voice...and if he’s not careful, he could knock a building over!
He has learned to have control over his voice...and read bedtime stories.
Love, Mrs. Honeybee
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