Sowalong: Tomatoes with Adam Duxbury


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Today on Sowalong, we’re celebrating the delights of sowing and growing tomatoes from seed. Fast and with reliable germination, BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine’s Features Editor Adam Duxbury, tells us why tomatoes are a brilliant way in for those new to growing food at home.

Shooting up quickly and with delicious end results, the hardest part is choosing from the hundreds of tomato varieties on offer, from old heirloom types to an array of new disease-resistant and super sweet cultivars. Whether growing in the greenhouse or outside, he covers getting tomato seedlings off to a good start and how to ensure strong and vigorous plants – with those all-important jewel-like trusses of shiny fruit. Listen now, for growing tips and advice on everything from pinching out side shoots, to turning a glut into bottles of delicious slow-roasted, herby tomato and garlic sauce.

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