EP 860 - Selects Edition - Interview with Ganon Baker


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Ganon Baker is a Global Player Development Coach. So if anyone knows what young athletes need to do to succeed in sports, he's your guy. Add to that, Ganon has walked the walk being a former professional basketball player himself. He has worked with and trained the who is who in basketball. It was an absolute pleasure to have this conversation with him. Ganon was real and as detailed as possible. We cover almost everything you need to succeed in the world of sports. Do me a favour, take a screenshot on your phone post it on social media and tag myself and Ganon, @tolaogunlewe @ganon_baker_ If there was anything you wanted us to talk about that we missed out on, send me a mail and copy Ganon as well tola@athletemaestro.com ganon@ganonbakerbasketball.com If you find this episode helpful, share it with a fellow athlete to help them on their quest to achieve their sports goals. MORE IMPORTANTLY: Join our exclusive facebook group for like minded athletes where we delve deeper into the episodes of the podcast, www.athletemaestro.com/group If you're a parent and you'll like to learn how to nurture your child's sporting talent sign up for my FREE MASTERCLASS athletemaestro.com/sportsparenting There are a ton of podcasts you could listening to right now but you chose Athlete Maestro. What should I talk about next? Please let me know on twitter or in the comments below Subscribe for FREE lessons on Itunes: athletemaestro.com/itunes If you found anything useful on the podcast, please leave a RATING AND REVIEW so other young athletes like yourself can find and benefit from the podcast. To learn how to SUBSCRIBE AND LEAVE A RATING on the show, head to www.athletemaestro.com/subscribe. For more on Athlete Maestro visit athletemaestro.com If you have any questions, feel free to send an email tola@athletemaestro.com Get the Athlete Maestro Daily Planner, www.athletemaestro.com/dailyplanner Find me on social media Instagram - @tolaogunlewe Twitter - @tolaogunlewe Thanks for tuning in.

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