Truth Wanted 04.36 09-17-2021 with Puck and Paulogia


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In today’s episode of Truth Wanted! Puck is back in the host chair alongside Paulogia, best known for his atheistic response videos on YouTube. Tonight we get a peek at the Paulogia behind the avatar and learn about his walk from teaching theology to taking on the bigger names in apologetics. First up! Molly in IN believed she would miss a sign god if she didn’t pay attention to her dreams, later realizing dreams aren’t important. All humans make attribution errors and place more importance on some things that maybe shouldn’t. Thanks for sharing Molly! Erin in Canada asks if she should have disclosed her atheist activism with her family, as they just discovered it? Someone outed you before you were ready, it may hurt for a bit. You may have to set boundaries for religious conversations, ask them what they are comfortable in discussing. Phil in TX recognizes there isn’t enough skeptic presence around conspiracy videos and thinks there should be more of a pushback there. It is worth addressing conspiracy theories, people CAN change their mind. We are all susceptible to confirmation bias. While it’s best to have someone in that community fight back, we can tackle some of that too! Otangelo in Brazil is back. He asks Paulogia if using a recipe to make a cake is a mental process… uh oh here comes intelligent design. Yes, but you can stumble on a recipe by accident. We can demonstrate design in making a recipe, or blueprint, but not design of humans. How can you ascertain the purpose of design for humans? Once again, we don’t see the intentionality of design behind humans. That wraps up tonight’s show. Make sure to check out more at Until next week, keep wanting the truth!

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