Truth Wanted 04.27 07-16-2021 with ObjectivelyDan and Kelley Laughlin


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In today’s episode of the Truth Wanted! Objectively Dan is joined by Kelley Laughlin, one of our discord volunteers. Welcome to the show, Kelley! We’re eager to talk about crystal woo with you. First up in the calls is Kevin in Arizona, who wonders why psychedelic experiences tend to make people adopt theism. Although hallucinogenic encounters may feel powerful in the moment, it doesn’t make what happens in them rooted in reality. But this is a fascinating topic, indeed. Another Arizona caller, Sarah, spent a long time dabbling in crystal woo and blames her Christian upbringing for making her susceptible to blind belief. We’re so happy you’ve decided to start examining your beliefs with more skepticism! Does the devil’s lettuce make us stupid? Stephen in Michigan thinks the stoner stereotype isn’t an accurate representation of people who smoke and marijuana should just be legalized. We might have to agree with you there, Stephen! Robert in South Carolina called to talk about the two things you’re never supposed to discuss in public: religion and politics. These two things are inherently intertwined, but we do hope to find more political representation in the future. Karlyn is moving to her dream town, but there’s one problem- it’s highly religious. How do we navigate these difficult encounters with believers? It is important to know when to keep your thoughts to yourself, but you also have the right to assert yourself and answer honestly when questioned about what you believe. Well that wraps up tonight’s show. Thank you so much to our co-host Kelley. Remember to always keep wanting the truth. And don’t use amethyst for migraines. See you next week!

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