The Non-Prophets 20.31 2021-08-01 with Johnny P Angel, Jenna Belk, Mateo, and Outcast X


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This week on the Non-Prophets, the hosts discuss a ruling involving The Satanic Temple suing the city of Boston. Rumors spread within a megachurch as a pastor reaps what he sows as the spread of disinformation campaigns take over his church. Non-Prophet’s Intimate Mateo leads a discussion on the President of Guatemala as we spotlight Latin America. Finally, in our “Strange But True” segment, Freedom Phones are standing up for your right to speak uncensored. Let Freedom Ring! Segment 1 [08.30]: “Religious Equality in Boston?“ “Satanic Temple Lawsuit Against Boston” Additional References: “The Satanic Temple, Inc. vs. City of Boston, MA” “Church of Satan vs. Satanic Temple” Segment 2 [35.35]: “You Reap What You Sow” “Megachurch Pastor David Platt Warns of a Disinformation Campaign” Segment 3 [1.04.17]: “Latin America in the Spotlight: Guatemala” “Four Important Facts about the President of Guatemala” Additional References: “President Says Religion Comes Before Politics” (Spanish only) “2020 Report on International Religious Freedom: Guatemala” Segment 4 [1.21.58]: Strange But True: Let Freedom Ring “The ‘Freedom Phone’”

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