Secular Sexuality 08.31 08-12-21 with Christy Powell, Nate Smith, and Noah Garcia


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This may not shock you but after 3 years of taking calls about sex from the internet, we’ve heard a thing or two. Is this okay? Is this normal? Is this weird, but like in a good way? In all that time our #1 question is usually some form of “I just found out I’m X… how do I tell Y?” Noah Garcia of the NextQuest Podcast is a psychotherapist and transition mentor with more than a little insight on the matter. Catch the episode as he joins Nate and Christy in cleaning out the closet and staying safe in a tangled world of complicated adjectives, public bathrooms and family prayers. All that plus your calls on tonight’s Secular Sexuality! Need more SecX on Coming Out? Unpacking Your Kinks ( Dating (As) An Atheist Activist (

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