Strange Intruders with David Weatherly Part 2


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In tonight's continuation of our conversation with author and paranormal researcher David Weatherly, we discuss the rest of the creatures from the remainder of his book, Strange Intruders. This unholy host of insidious beings include such wide-ranging descriptions as reptoids appearing as aliens or disguised as humans, black-eyed kids and adults, the Night Hag, Psychic Vampires, Slenderman, and David tells of his own encounter with a Grinning Man. We'll hear not only of David's ideas about them but also stories from people who've suffered the consequences of their terrifying intrusions. One recurring pattern throughout these cases is that it didn't seem to matter whether the individual believed in their existence or not. Most of the victims didn't or were unaware of their definitions, that is until they encountered one for themselves. It seems all some of these witnesses merely did was to notice them, and once they noticed being noticed, it never goes over well. These are monsters you don't need to go out of your way to search for because somehow they find you.
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