Lady Wonder Part 1


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Many folks simply don't believe in psychic abilities. But those that have had a total stranger tell them something about themselves that the person couldn't possibly know have often had a change of heart. But what if that impossible information came from a horse! There have been quite a few trained animals over the years that have displayed an uncanny ability to perform human-like mental feats. From counting numbers and communicating to predicting the outcomes of sporting events, these clever animals have delighted and entertained us with their tricks. But none have come close to the prodigious prognostication of a horse named "Lady Wonder." Lady Wonder was a mare raised by Claudia and Clarence Fonda on their farm in Richmond, Virginia. From her beginnings as a weeks-old foal, it was clear to Claudia that Lady was special, as she demonstrated an almost supernatural ability for intuitiveness. Claudia soon trained Lady to recognize the alphabet with the use of toy blocks. As she grew, Clarence fabricated a sort of giant typewriter where Lady could tap out the answers to questions posed to her. But Lady's answers weren't relegated to the obvious, incredible as that act alone would seem. Lady also knew things about the inquisitor that no one else could know. As soon as this ability became known to the public, Lady was soon seeing hundreds of visitors a week, answering questions about subjects such as personal advice, business, romance, and of course, lucky gambling picks. But most mystifying of all were her predictions of future events and knowledge of missing people. Although like most human psychics, Lady was sometimes wrong about her prophesies, she was right enough throughout her life to spark public fascination and scientific study, earning her the name of "Lady Wonder."

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