Fear and Smoking in Blanket Forteana Q&A Part 1


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Believe it or not, we've always viewed this podcast as a journey. Initially, we wanted the feel of the show to embody the spirit of why we wanted to start a podcast in the first place – because we enjoyed discussing the strange and mysterious stories of this weird and wonderful world of ours with good friends. We hope that spirit of camaraderie, curiosity, and discovery remains. We're still unsure where this adventure into the unknown will take us, perhaps to some enlightenment or just more questions, but we couldn't be more grateful and honored that you've decided to travel with us. Along the way, many listeners have had questions for us or wanted to share an anecdote about their own experiences. As we've said many times before, one of our few regrets is that we haven't had the time to answer or respond to all of them directly, but perhaps these next two episodes will help a bit with that. We felt it was a good time to take a moment, well, two very long moments spread out over two episodes to address some of the most frequently asked questions and also engage in a little introspection on where we're all at since starting this show in October of 2014. And what better host and moderator to guide us and embrace that feeling mentioned above than our good friend Rich Hatem. We'll talk about our backgrounds, motivations, intentions, processes, thoughts on our topics, and how our beliefs have changed... or not. We hope you'll join us for a reflection as we continue on this journey together.
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