Success In A World of Exponential Information w/ Futurist Ross Dawson (TPS439)


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The amount of information we have to make sense of is staggering and overwhelming. However, it’s possible to not only survive this information overload but thrive!

In this episode, we’re joined by futurist Ross Dawson, author of Thriving On Overload: The 5 Powers for Success in a World of Exponential Information. We talk about thriving on overload, his five powers to succeed in a world of exponential information, and how the key to productivity could be taking an improv class.

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  • Why individual skills of dealing with information are the most important [5:37]
  • Why Ross doesn’t like the 2×2 matrix for idea generation [7:52]
  • How does one become a futurist? [8:30]
  • The 5 powers for success [10:09]
  • The different types of attention [13:09]
  • What Ross uses to frame information [15:00]
  • Why we need to exercise our attention, and how to do that [18:09]
  • Why Ross is not a big fan of guided meditation apps [21:41]
  • What living in a Zen Dojo in Japan taught him [26:43]
  • Ways that we can synthesize information [36:51]
  • Why improv theatre can help you thrive from information overload [39:06]
  • How knowledge workers can deal with the coming AI revolution [43:06]


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