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Can Cinderella Cincinnati push mighty Alabama in the Cotton Bowl? Will Georgia enter the Orange Bowl against Michigan with the same swagger it had before getting taken down by the Crimson Tide?

Cole Cubelic of ESPN and the SEC Network joins AP’s Ralph Russo to preview The College Football Playoff semifinals. For Cincinnati to show it belongs, it will have to figure out a way to keep Will Anderson Jr. from wrecking Desmond Ridder and an offense with some big-play weapons. On the other side, Heisman Trophy winner Bryce Young takes aim at a pair of All-Americans in Cincinnati’s secondary. Don’t expect Michigan to attack Georgia the way Alabama did, but the Wolverines will be happy to try to play bully-ball against the Bulldogs. Can Michigan deal with Georgia’s speed and athleticism on defense? Better question: Can Georgia’s offense handle a Michigan defense that has a game-wrecker of its own in Aidan Hutchinson? And who should be playing quarterback for the Bulldogs in the biggest game of the year?
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