What’s the deal with Dan Mullen? Week 9 preview


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Is Dan Mullen really on the hot seat at Florida? Probably not, but how did things flip so fast for the Gators’ coach, who took Florida to three straight New Year’s Six games and pushed Alabama in the SEC championship last year.

College football reporter Steven Godfrey, who co-hosts the “Split Zone Duo” podcast, joins AP’s Ralph Russo to talk about Mullen’s status at Florida, his time at Mississippi State and why his skill set might not be ideal for Gainesville.

We also talk to Steven about Texas Tech firing Matt Wells, who never seemed to have a chance in Lubbock.

Then Stewart Mandel of The Athletic joins the show to preview Week 9 of the season. It is a good, one highlighted by a top-10 Michigan-Michigan State matchup and the aforementioned Mullen and the Gators facing No. 1 Georgia in the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.
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