Finally game music #154 – 4 Year Anniversary


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Hello and welcome both old and new to the four year anniversary episode of Finally Game Music, today’s list of music will sum up the podcast of what it has been so far, we will though mostly listen to newer tracks, but the reason behind them does come with something special.

Therefore I kindly welcome you to this weeks Finally Game Music episode!

Music in the episode:

Intro background: Giana sisters: Twisted Dreams – Ingame 1

    1. Mutant mudds – V-Land
    2. BRD – Teleport Pro kg
    3. Guilty Gear Strive – Love the Subhuman Self (Millia’s Theme) [Requested by Johannes]
    4. Bot Vice – Stage 12 (Where the Turtles Roam)
    5. NieR: Automata – A Beautiful Song


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Voices of the episode:
Christofer ”ChrisX” Schenström

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