Finally game music #150 – Yasunori Mitsuda


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It’s time to revisit yet another composer career, this week we are diging deeper in the career of Yasunori Mitsuda, a composer who started out as a Game composer but actually worked with sound effects until one day his frustration of not being able to make music, ending up with him creating one of the greatest soundtrack in video game history.

With that said I welcome you all to this week of Finally game music!

Music in the episode:

Intro background: Half-minute hero: The second coming – Battle of THE 4 DEADLY SINS

    1. Chrono Trigger – Fanfare 1
    2. Mario Party 1 – Bowser’s Theme
    3. Graffiti Kingdom – The cloisters of glacier and flame
    4. Xenoblade Chronicles – Beyond The Sky (Ending Theme)
    5. Another Eden – Another eden (Main Theme)


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Yasunori Interview

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Listen to Graffiti Kingdom on Spotify

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Voices of the episode:
Christofer ”ChrisX” Schenström

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