Finally game music #139 – Claymation


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It’s getting hotter outside and summer is coming in fast, over at the podcast we’re instead slowing it down and start talking about slow and costly productions for claymation games, what types are there out there and how does the music sound in these, we have four different games this week spanning from old to new and PC to console.

Welcome to Finally Game Music!

Music in the episode:

Intro background: Clayfighters 2: Judgement Clay – Clay Keep (Tiny’s Theme)

    1. The Neverhood – The Battle of Robot Bil [Requested by Johannes]
    2. The Dream Machine – Dream Ending
    3. Skullmonkeys – The Lil’ Bonus Room [Requested by Daniel]
    4. Harley’s humongous Adventure – Level 3 Theme


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Voices of the episode:
Christofer ”ChrisX” Schenström

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