99: Nationaldag, Corona, Trump och rasism


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4th of July, Coronakrisen, Trumps fallande popularitet, och de pågående demonstrationerna mot systemisk rasism.

Länkar och källor

Fjärde juli och Amerikanska frihetsdeklarationen

WATCH: ‘What To The Slave Is The Fourth Of July?’ By Frederick Douglass : NPR

2012 Benghazi attack - Wikipedia

"No matter what you want to believe, this is a very political issue. It is patriots versus communists." pic.twitter.com/cr6eVibbZv

— Josh Solomon (@therealjsolo) July 2, 2020

Opinion - America Didn’t Give Up on Covid-19. Republicans Did. - The New York Times

Did a Couple Dubbed ‘Ken and Karen’ Point Guns at Protesters?

A couple has come out of their house and is pointing guns at protesters in their neighborhood #StLouis #lydakrewson pic.twitter.com/ZJ8a553PAU

— Daniel Shular (@xshularx) June 29, 2020

Messenger: This wasn’t the first time the McCloskeys pulled a gun to protect property, lawsuit says - Tony Messenger - stltoday.com

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St. Louis homeowner who pointed weapon at protesters says he ‘was a victim of a mob’ and doesn’t oppose Black Lives Matter - CNN

Central West End couple explains why they pointed guns at protesters who demanded Krewson’s resignation - News Headlines - kmov.com

A quote from Rand Paul at the Senate coronavirus hearing: "We shouldn't presume that a group of experts somehow knows what's best for everyone."

— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) June 30, 2020

Amber Lynn Gilles: San Diego Starbucks ‘Karen’ Goes Viral - Heavy.com

Starbucks barista nets $100,000 in tips after mask encounter with San Diego “Karen” - CBS News

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