Powerhouse Women Blazing Trails in Business Aviation, Talking about Career Opportunities in Aircraft Transactions, Finance, Acquisition and Law


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Here's a side of aviation that you don't hear about everyday. Enjoy my casual, but powerful and enlightening conversation with four powerhouse women in business aviation taking aircraft transactions, financial investing, acquisitions, and law to a whole new flight level.
Joining me are Michelle Wade, a seasoned aviation attorney and partner with Jetstream Aviation Law, P.A. headquartered in Olathe, Kansas; Shelley Svoren, CEO & Founder of Infinite Branches specializing in business aviation at a global level with a focus on investing; Kandi Spangler, a commercial rated pilot and Sales Director at JetAVIVA with an extensive background and expertise in aircraft sales and operations; and Angel Houck, Co-Founder, a CPA, and Aviation Tax Consultant with Houck & Christensen CPA's, LLC.
All Things Aviation & Aerospace is an aviation career webcast that is also broadcast as a livestream to provide you insight on the variety of opportunities and possibilities in aviation and aerospace. It's host, Vince Mickens, is a long time private pilot who flies frequently for personal and business. His background includes executive roles with the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), and the Bob Hoover Legacy Foundation, all after a 28-year broadcast journalism career working in seven major television and radio broadcast markets nationwide.

All Things Aviation & Aerospace is also available on my Private Air Media Group YouTube channel, Facebook Live Page, and Linkedin Profile.

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