Aviation Scholarship Application Opportunities, Availability, Details, and Upcoming Fall Deadlines


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Find out about current aviation scholarship application opportunities, availability, deadlines, and details directly from Helicopter Association International, Women in Aviation International, Women in Corporate Aviation, and Whirly-Girls International.
Joining me are James Viola, President & CEO, Helicopter Association International (HAI); Allison McKay, CEO, Women in Aviation International; Emily Kennedy, Technician, Medway Air Ambulance and scholarship program representative for Women in Corporate Aviation; and Jessica Kanellos, Executive Director, Whirly-Girls International on behalf of Fallon Blattner, CH-47 Chinook Captain, Coulson Aviation and Vice President, Scholarships with Whirly-Girls International.
All Things Aviation & Aerospace is an aviation career webcast live-streamed regularly to provide you insight on the variety of opportunities and possibilities in aviation and aerospace. It's host, Vince Mickens, is a long time private pilot who flies frequently for personal and business. His background includes executive roles with the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), and the Bob Hoover Legacy Foundation, all after a 28-year broadcast journalism career working in seven major television and radio broadcast markets nationwide.

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