Episode 126. A conversation with JACKIE JONES


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“My mind is a dangerous neighbourhood” Johan and Roger have a conversation with Jackie Jones from Los Angeles, California. The first one in English in the history of Alkispodden. We talk about getting sober at 25 years old, about showing up late to the first 12 step meeting, about the importance of following rules in sobriety, about wanting 100% freedom, about the delusion of fear, about mathematically finding the perfect combination of drugs and alcohol to feel OK, about only having personal contact with the pizza delivery man, about being a tornado in the life of others, about getting into a relationship at 8 days sober, about the difference between shattering your ego and breaking your pride, about peaking at 19, about saying NO and not lying about why, about being a motivational thinker, about God being on his lunch break, about having a roast for yourself (a horrible idea!), about crying at a funeral to ”Dead and gone”, about wanting others to be ok, about performing comedy in sobriety, about success, about being of service, about the ”dis-ease”, and about caring about people. We wrap up by agreeing that the power of the twelve step fellowship is a wonderful thing, and that we should always remember Rule 62! Thanks Jackie for an amazing ”super connected” conversation! We loved it and we hope that our listeners do too.

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