The Thorn in the Nest - Episode 15 - Kids Story Bedtime Stories for Children and Adults to Sleep


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"What do you think of this Englishman?" Dale was pacing Kenneth's office with his hands in his pockets, while the latter, seated before his table, where were arranged various bottles, gallipots, and a delicate pair of scales, was busily engaged in weighing out medicines and putting them in powders. He smiled slightly, then answered in a grave, somewhat preoccupied tone: "Handsome, intelligent, travelled, apparently wealthy! can be very interesting in conversation, but haunts my office a little more than is perfectly agreeable to a man whose time is often more than money." "No insinuation I hope?" returned Dale, laughing and shrugging his shoulders. "Not at all, Godfrey, I feel at liberty to invite you to retire when I wish to be rid of you." "Thank you; I regard that as an incontrovertible proof of friendship. But to return; I don't fancy the fellow; he's too highly polished; his extreme suavity of manner fills me with a desire to knock him down. There's nothing like an air of patronage to make my angry passions rise." "And then he's forever at Miss Lamar's side, robbing every other fellow of the least chance to bask in her smiles. I haven't been able to exchange a dozen sentences with her... #story #kidsstories ✝️❣️🗺️ AcreSoft Story Classic

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