Epi. 27 - The Thorn in the Nest - Kids Story Family Bedtime Stories for Children and Adults


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The sun had not yet risen, and few of the townspeople were astir, when Kenneth and his faithful Zeb set forth upon their journey. They rode slowly through the almost deserted streets, the master in seemingly absent mood, quiet and thoughtful even to sadness, the servant glancing briskly from side to side with a nod and grin for each visible acquaintance with whom he felt himself upon terms of something like equality. "Good-bye, Tig; dis heyah off for Glen Forest," he shouted as they passed the major's. Tig, who was cutting wood in the kitchen door-yard, dropped his axe to gaze after them in wondering incredulity. "Oh, you go 'long wid yo' tomfoolin'," he muttered, as he stooped to pick it up again, "'taint no sech ting; and the doctah ain't never goin' so fur, 'tout sayin' good-bye to our folks; and Miss Nell she's away whar he can't git at her. 'Spect I knows who's powerful fond of her, and who tinks he's mighty sight nicer'n... #story #kidsstories ✝️❣️🗺️ AcreSoft Story Classic acresoft.com cointr.ee/acresoft

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