Epi. 22 - The Thorn in the Nest - Kids Story Bedtime Stories for Children and Adults to Sleep


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Lyttleton cordially hated Clendenin, but endeavored to conceal his dislike and ill-will under the mask of friendship, haunting the doctor's office all through the winter and spring with nearly as great persistency as during the first week of his sojourn in Chillicothe. He indulged a like feeling toward Dale, though to a less degree; hating him as a rival in love, Kenneth as that and something more. Spring opened early. Bright, warm days with hard frosts at night made the sap in the sugar maples run freely, and many farmers in the vicinity of the town were busied in catching and boiling it down. Then visits to the sugar camps became one of the popular amusements of the young people. Dale got up a party to go on horseback to one five or six miles away, inviting Lyttleton, but taking care first to secure to himself the honor of playing escort to Miss Lamar. Lyttleton was very angry when he learned this, but having promised to go, tried to console himself with the young lady he considered next to Nell in beauty and fascination. He managed to conceal his ill humor, the others seemed in high spirits, and they had a merry time. In returning they made a circuit through the woods. They were... #story #kidstories ✝️❣️🗺️ AcreSoft Story Classic acresoft.com cointr.ee/acresoft

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