391: How to Live in the Present Moment


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“How’s life?” can often be a loaded question, especially with the state of the world right now. If you ask most people, they’ll run through an inventory of their circumstances. You might hear them talk about what’s going well, but, more often than not, you’ll hear about their problems, financial challenges, difficulties at work, struggles in their marriage, or other less-than-stellar circumstances.

And when we’re not talking about our problems/circumstances, we’re thinking about them. We tend to listen to the voice in our head, stressing about the present and worrying about the future, and unconsciously allowing our emotional well-being to suffer.

But what if there is more to life than our circumstances? What if life is actually the experience we’re having in the present moment? And what if you could learn how to transcend the voice in your head and live the majority of your life in the present moment?

In today’s episode, I want to teach you two techniques you can use to stop the voice in your head from taking over and give you the power to truly live in the present moment. Even if you’re already familiar with them, I want you to look at them in a new way, combine them, and discover how they can help you be here now–and live free from fear, stress, and anxiety.

Key Takeaways

  • How to assess how often you’re fully present.
  • Where stress, fear, overwhelm, and regret come from.
  • Why our brains are prone to amplifying and focusing on problems when we try to solve them.
  • How to not let the voice in your head create your reality.
  • How a mantra can help you bring your life into alignment on your terms.
  • My 7-day challenge that will enable you to begin quickly living in the present moment.

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