382: How to Make EVERY Moment the BEST Moment of Your Life


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If I were to ask you to recall the best moment of your life, what comes to mind…?

I think most people would recall a significant event or occasion, such as the birth of a child, their wedding day, running a marathon, or the day that they got to ______ (fill in the blank with some exceptional experience). For most, the best moment would likely be an event or circumstance and the positive emotions they experienced as a result, which prompts them to identify it as their best moment.

But what if the best moment of your life wasn’t measured by external circumstances? What if it was something you chose rather than something that occurred randomly? If that were the case, could one choose to make any, or every moment the best moment of their life? Might that be possible?

And if it was possible to choose to experience any moment as the best moment of your life, if you had that ability, what would be the repercussions of using that ability daily? How might it impact the quality of your life?

Today, we’re exploring this idea of the best moment of your life; what it’s about, if we have the power to create and experience it, if it’s left to chance, and if it’s random. I’m also going to share why people struggle with implementing this concept, and how you can overcome the struggles in a way that can significantly and immediately enhance the quality of your life.

Ultimately, in this episode I share how you can begin experiencing any moment as the best moment of your life—literally—even during extremely difficult circumstances.

Key Takeaways

  • Why pitting external circumstances against the internal experience is key to achieving inner freedom—and why inner freedom is (arguably) more important than your external circumstances.
  • How to create your inner experience during trying and emotionally painful times.
  • The power of accepting the moment as-is to invite emotional peace, inner peace, and emotional freedom.
  • How to be an island of sanity for the people closest to you in chaotic times.
  • Ways to make any given moment the best moment of your life and live in a state of perpetual fulfillment.

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