373: My Favorite Resources (Right Now)


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Today’s podcast episode is a blend of relevant wisdom and helpful resources that will (hopefully) add significant value to your world. I’m sharing some of my most recent insights and breakthroughs (aka wisdom) as well as some of the tools, resources, songs, movies, and books that are significantly enhancing my life right now.

My intention with today’s show is to share this wisdom and these resources to help you optimize your physical and mental well-being, to be happier, to better understand your purpose in the world, and to live your life in the present moment.


  • The specific therapy I recently discovered that almost instantaneously cured my body after 20 years of chronic damage - and how it can help treat headaches, TMJ, and a wide variety of other conditions.
  • What it means to elevate your consciousness and why it’s a worthwhile pursuit that transforms your life.
  • The valuable principles, philosophies, and practices I’ve learned from reading and re-reading Awareness by Anthony DeMello and Transcending Levels of Consciousness by David Hawkins.
  • Why I recommend watching this one particular documentary albeit with a slight disclaimer.
  • How Rob Riccardo’s album The Fire In Me inspires listeners to transcend ego and do the work.
  • [Miracle Morning Pro Tip] The one thing you can immediately start doing to wake up feeling alert and energized every morning.
  • And much, much, much, much, much more. :^)

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