356: Freedom From Your Fears - Part 2


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Today’s episode is a continuation from last week’s Freedom From Fear (Part 1). If you missed that episode, I highly recommend you click here to go back and listen to it before digging into this one. I talked about what fear is and why it is natural, what causes both conscious and unconscious fears, how fear can become incredibly destructive to your mental and emotional well-being as well as your goals, and how you can begin to gain control of your fears and experience true freedom.

This week, we’re exploring what happens when you live in a perpetual state of fear - and why you don’t have to. You’ll learn how fear can make you a better person, practices you can use to overcome emotional states that are holding you back, and what you can do to live a life of joy and gratitude.


  • Why fear disappears when you actually encounter the things you were afraid of for so long.
  • Why you can’t just snap your fingers and get over your fears.
  • How to use two affirmations to replace fear with unwavering faith – even in the face of the things you fear the most.
  • Three (3) strategies you can use when you experience fear.
  • How to cater emotional optimization meditation (EOM) as a part of your daily practice for transcending fear.

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