366: My Clubhouse Welcome Party


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Today, you’re in for a treat! This episode is quite a bit different than our usual format, but I promise it’s packed with a ton of value. It’s actually a replay taken from a 2-hour Clubhouse welcome party that I did for The Miracle Morning Community.

In case you’re not familiar with Clubhouse, it’s basically an audio-only chatting app where individuals can host and join different conversations. It’s sort of like a live podcast, except the major difference is that the audience is able to raise their hand and be invited onto a virtual stage to interact and participate with the speakers.

A few weeks ago, my friend Gary Henderson offered to host a welcome party as a way for me to connect and communicate with people in our community and beyond. During this 2-hour session, you’ll hear an interview between me and a group of carefully selected moderators. We then shift gears and open up the dialogue to a Q&A format so people listening could join in.

We touch on A LOT of Miracle Morning related topics, but in a way that you’ve never experienced before. The beauty of Clubhouse is that it’s not just a one-way discussion. I’m getting questions in real-time that people are struggling with, and through this platform, we get to work out the answers together.


  • What does it mean to elevate our consciousness and how does that collectively elevate the consciousness of humanity?
  • How to take control of your inner world. What happens on the outside doesn’t have to dictate what happens on the inside!
  • Why every challenge we face is an opportunity to help other people ease their suffering.
  • Why your resistance to reality is the cause of all of your emotional pain and suffering - and what you can do instead to overcome life’s biggest challenges.
  • Stories from the most difficult moments of my life, including my recent struggle with depression and losing my will to live.
  • Why our dependence on smartphones is detrimental to our mental and emotional well being - and where I believe we should be focusing our attention instead!
  • How to transform your state of mind at ANY moment, using Emotional Optimization Meditation.
  • 3 steps you can use to create real results with your affirmations and visualizations - and the 2 biggest reasons why most affirmations never come true.
  • How I use the S.A.V.E.R.S to optimize my own mental and emotional well being.
  • Q&A with a ton of Clubhouse listeners!

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