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An Acupuncture Podcast designed to help new Acupuncturists feel supported, informed and confident during the transition from school to practice. We help you streamline systems, make decisions from an empowered place, cultivate an efficient practice, attract your dream patient, explore all career possibilities, adopt a confident and empowered mindset, heal more people and make great money in your first couple years of practice. Hosted by Stacey Whitcomb, Acupuncturist, Board Certified Herbalist, Podcaster and Creator of Magical Networks. This podcast delivers marketing, money and mindset motivation, inspirational interviews with other new practitioners, exposure to career paths you may not have considered and suggestions and support from the more seasoned among us. Visit for community, special opportunities and savings for new acupuncturists. We've cultivated partnerships with services we use and want you to benefit by saving time and money while establishing your practice.

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