Faith, Fatherhood and Figuring it Out


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Faith, Fatherhood and Figuring It Out is about helping single dads of faith (separated/divorced/widowed) navigate the pain of the new journey we find ourselves on, while building purposeful connection with our girls to help them become all they are meant to be. Your host, Bruce Malmstrom, is a single dad who interviews girl dads, as well as daughters, to gain wisdom and insights into the importance of the father-daughter relationship and how having a strong relationship sets our daughters up for success in all areas of life. Each episode is packed with nuggets of wisdom from a dad or daughter, sharing insights to help us become better dads. We’ll hear about wins, losses, successes, learn how to avoid mistakes and imitate successful strategies in our own relationships while growing together as a community. This raw look at the dynamics of the dad/daughter relationship through being vulnerable and real in the stories shared will inspire and encourage you to walk your own journey with your head held high, knowing you have a calling to lead and love your daughter well, creating a legacy for generations. New, fresh shows on a weekly basis.

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