The BBC Gardeners' World Autumn Fair 2 - 4 September 2022


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The first ever Autumn Fair will be set in the stunning grounds of Audley End, in Essex, from 2 to 4 September 2022. The Fair will attract 15,000 visitors with the very best of autumn garden and plant inspiration. This year’s launch event will feature experts including Adam Frost and Joe Swift on the BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Stage along with the magazine editors, Plant Expert Tours within Audley End’s gardens (book in advance), Beautiful Borders and more to be confirmed. As with all BBC Gardeners’ World events, the Fair will harness the synergy between gardening and food by incorporating a BBC Good Food Market presenting specialist and seasonal produce to taste and buy. Visitors will enjoy all this plus toe-tapping live entertainment from the bandstand and mouth-watering delights from a hand-picked selection of independent street food vendors. Amplifying the value of this great day out, tickets to the Autumn event include access to the Audley End House, grounds and gardens.

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