Legacy: A Star Wars Audio Drama explicit


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LEGACY A Star Wars Audio Drama is a darker, adult take on the SW Universe. It follows the story of Laresa Daklan, her sisters, and her family as they fight against each other, an Emperor gone mad, and a hidden enemy who wants to destroy the force.

It is a complete tale. 21 episodes for you to binge!

Legacy features the narrative style of audiobooks. Fully voice acted with music and sfx,

Legacy is a fan fiction set in the Star Wars The Old Republic Universe. Featuring original characters created by Scifi Author Crystal Storm, a professional team of voice actors tells the tale of a family torn apart by the consequences of war, and the biases of the Sith and Jedi.

It is an Indie Production, produced by the Tales of the Forgotten Fiction Network. Please visit our website https://talesoftheforgotten.com/ to learn more about our upcoming shows!

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