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Welcome to The Digital Traffic Show where I help businesses market to the right people, at the right time, with the right messaging! If you are ready to learn any of the following, you’re in the right place: Building an online brand Reaching your ideal customer Understanding Organic traffic Learning all about Paid traffic Various types of online advertising How to Get more Clients How to use Storytelling as a marketing tool Social media marketing 101 Unique selling proposition Standing out from the competition Pricing and positioning strategy Promotion strategies Customer Journey Marketing & Conversion Sales Strategy Purchase and upsell optimization Partnerships Referral & Retention strategy In this podcast, I teach you how to scale to sales step-by-step. Through a comprehensive brand plan, knowing who you serve, optimizing your digital marketing, understanding paid vs organic traffic, promotion, and all of the other tactical pieces that are going to help you build this business by reaching the right people at the right time! Grab your caffeine, laptop, and meet me at the coffee shop, it’s time to get your marketing on. Connect with me! Learn: Connect: Instagram: @kristenschneiderco

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