THE CREOLE DIARIES: "Kult-ure Of The Supreme Being; A Child Of Prophecy, Journeying To The Goddess" explicit


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⚜The Diary🎙📖 Of A Bisexual🌈Voodoo Priestess.💃A Forum To Open🚪The Closed Mind🧠; From The Hardest Of Social Topics,🤔To All Those Things Paranormal👻That Go BUMP In The Night.💀Dedicated To My Patron Diety, The Goddess🙏ISIS.👑 I Am A Reincarnated Witch💀⚰ A New Orleans Native⚜Born & Raised in The Beautiful Garden District🌹In The PARANORMAL CAPITAL Of The USA👻Near Author, Anne Rice.📚 I Am Descended From💀"The Witches Of The New Orleans French Quarter"⚜ My Heritage Is Controversial At BEST; &Demonized At Its Worst. Enter🚪At your Own Risk😱For This Forum🎙Is NOT For The Faint of Heart.💖 Support this podcast:

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