Boys Under The Hood


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This is the perfect show for people that know NOTHING about cars. Join Master Automotive Technician and Shop Owner James Stephenson and his friend, Radio Personality Pat Kelly as they pull back the curtain on the automotive industry from both the consumer and shop's point of view. How often should you change your oil, what does it mean when your Check Engine Light comes on, should you buy an aftermarket warranty when you buy a used car, why don't grocery stores sell banana milk anymore? James uses his 23 years of experience working in the Automotive Industry to help educate listeners on what's truly needed and what's not so they can make informed decisions when it comes time to repair their car. James and Pat also have other local business owners pop by to give us all some insight into their trades. Have a question? Submit it on our website or social media and we'll read it live on air! Boys Under The Hood was nationally featured in Ratchet+Wrench Magazine in 2019. James has been a Master Automotive Technician for nearly 20 years. He is a multi shop owner and an Automotive Business Development Coach. Pat has been in Broadcasting and an on air personality for nearly 20 years.

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