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Welcome to the Ecobot Podcast, where the Ecobot team shares information on how technology plays an increasingly important role in wetland science. If you don’t know about Ecobot, it’s the first software to bring true efficiency and accuracy to wetland scientists in environmental science, natural resources management, conservation planning, engineering and planning firms serving state and federal DOT, construction, mitigation banking, and oil and gas companies. In this series, you’ll hear from host Jeremy Schewe, Chief Scientific Officer and Cofounder at Ecobot, along with an incredible cast of scientists,professors and policymakers, as they share their expertise on wetland science so YOU can be better informed, more efficient, and more accurate. Follow the Ecobot Podcast on any podcast app, and we’ll see you soon with the first episodes. Until then, you can connect with Ecobot on Linkedin or visit

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