Waffle Free Stories for Kids!


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Welcome to Children's Storytelling... Waffle-Free style!! This is an INTERACTIVE storytelling podcast aimed at kids from age 3 and up. Every story in Waffle-Free-Stories for KIDS is inspired by kids! The aim of the game is for sprouts from around the world to send a word to me (Tina Konstant) via the form on this page: https://tinakonstant.com/waffle-free-storytelling-for-kids/. Those words shape the wild adventures of Jack, Horace and Jemima, the Hoofmagraws of Noodle Wood. How it all works and how you and yours can get involved, can be found on that web page. These stories can be found right here and on YouTube. So, between "Waffle-Free Stories for KIDS" and "Waffle-Free Storytelling" for adults and young adults, you have full-on family entertainment at your digital doorstep! Welcome and enjoy Tina

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